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4 Ways to Maintain Team Productivity During a Pandemic.

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With global pandemic at large from the past 6 months, institutions, offices, and other corporate houses have come under solitary lockdown. We must stay safe and practice all necessary measures to prevent the COVID-19 and not let it affect the productivity amongst team members.

We at The Byke Hotels & Resorts would like to share 4 common yet effective ways to keep your team productive and motivated to Work from Home!

Open Channels of Communication.

Communication is key in all relations, especially in the Work from Home situation. May it be verbal or through a simple text, it important that the team leader fosters an atmosphere within the group that encourages creativity, togetherness, and a sense of responsibility which ultimately leads to better communication. All team members must be given equal importance and consideration, not only as a sign of mutual understanding but also of respect.  A team leader needs to have regular check-ins with his/her team members to update them about the organization’s decisions and keep the flow of communication going.

Excess communication may lead to procrastination and blatantly wasting time. To avoid that, every conversation regarding the organization must be with an intent to get the required information across. This is an important part of Direction Motivation.

Set Goals

During this lockdown, we surely more prone to ‘letting loose’ more often than before. However, that shouldn’t result in the team’s productivity to become stagnant.

Creating a To-Do List for a week or even a day has proven to be motivational and increase productivity in the team. Although, the check-list may allow the rest of the team members to edit the deadlines according to them, if the task requires immediate prioritizing, it must be set at the top of the list.

Maintain clarity of thought among the team members to ensure maximum efficiency and goal-oriented work.


Motivation is a chain reaction that begins with one member of the team being appreciated for their work, which boosts their will to perform with flying colors, and that ultimately leads to the whole team striving to achieve the goal to come out on top.

Leaders may show appreciation through simple acts of kindness like a compliment or may go for a more materialistic approach and give a gift to the achievers. 

Have Fun!

As most of us spending most of their time in front of a screen, why not hold online group games? Spending leisure time a team is not only fun but it also improves the bond amongst the team members. Many online games such as Ludo builds teamwork.

Team Leaders may organize friendly competitions that inculcate the spirit of competitiveness and togetherness. 

To further explain this, we at The Byke Hotels and Resorts, have initiated Work from Home and constantly make the experience a wee bit gratifying for our team members, which lifts up their spirits and motivates them to keep up with these downgrading times.

There are many ways to keep the team motivated during lockdown and it can be quite fun, if done right. The Byke Hotels & Resorts is also offering ‘Work from Byke’ as an option for those working remotely and looking for accommodation and work-spaces.

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