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Air Pollution: The foremost component of our environment prone to pollution is air. Air pollution is the presence of toxic chemicals and compounds in the air at such high levels that it develops serious human health and environmental consequences. It is a mixture of natural and man-made substances in the air and is a complicated societal problem. Scientific progress has been made over the last few decades to suppress the increase in air pollution all over the world through policy measures and technology development.

Environment Protection is not just a one-day affair. Saving a little tap water, switching off lights, planting saplings or conserving energy needs to be done regularly and not just on one day. The need to protect our environment is more, as one doesn’t take care of what takes care of them.

This World Environment Day, The Byke Hotels & Resorts took a step forward to protect the environment as it gifted all its guests across India, a beautiful sapling. The idea behind gifting the sapling was well thought. Planting a tree is the foremost step any individual takes to protect the environment. However, one always ends up either postponing the act or forgetting it. By gifting a sapling, The Byke already fulfilled the first step towards protecting the environment from air pollution. Now the only thing that is left undone is nurturing the plant with an adequate amount of water, sunlight, and care. A total of 200 saplings were gifted to the guests who in return pledged to take care of it.

We at The Byke, are not only doing our bit but are also encouraging people to extend a hand towards protecting the environment.  Are you doing your bit?

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