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Anchors of The Byke Hotels & Resorts

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Hospitality, by definition is the generous and friendly reception given to a guest or a stranger. The prime example of hospitality is the ever-expanding hotel industry.
The hotel industry is renowned for being hospitable and alluring, as it brings people with talent and knowledge together to create the symphony of hospitality. This symphony matched with the highest of the industry standards exemplify the principle of hospitality in all its glory.
Hotels play an essential role in many fields including the economy and education. We at The Byke Hotels and Resorts, understand this role and work our way to fulfil it. We consider it our duty to maintain the highest luxury standards and train our team members, accordingly. The Byke forces onward, driven by the values and principles we have fostered over 20 years of Hospitality experience.


Passion drives this department and has proven to be a melting pot of immense hard work and skill. The passion burns in the hearts of chefs who work diligently towards preparing delicious and healthy food for our guests. Food Production is teamwork and requires great mental and physical dedication. We are committed to maintain high standards of hygiene in our kitchens, to provide healthy and safe food for our guests.


Front Office stands proudly at the forefront of a hotel, like the commander in a war. This department is exemplary as it showcases the standards of hospitality like no other. We at The Byke value our Front Desk team to be hospitable, kind, and always devoted to the guest’s needs. This part of the Room Division Management is essential as it brings maximum revenue to the hotel, which is important in both the monetary standpoint as well as the reputation of the hotel. The front office, not only is responsible for the front desk, but it also deals with all sorts of guests. This department is known to inculcate values of patience, kindness, and serviceability. 


A department that requires skill and knowledge of food almost as much as the Food Production Department. The food and beverage service refers to not only catering to a guest but also indulging with the guest and maintaining a relationship that lasts not only professionally but out of love for the restaurant’s food. Food served with a smile, surely wins over a guest’s heart. We value our guests’ experience and our service staff contributes to having the guests come back for more as the service is what attracts, apart from the food. The food and beverage service department, calls for skilled individuals and we are certainly trained to fit those standards.


Housekeeping calls for commitment, handwork, and diligence. The housekeeping individuals are the ones who work behind the scenes and make available the amenities and facilities in the room for the guest’s pleasurable stay. Housekeeping is the department that requires a great amount of physical dedication and hard work. Housekeepers of The Byke, are dedicated and have the eye for detail to spot the smallest of errors, this allows them to reach a level of perfection over the years, which is highly inspirational.

The hotel industry consists of many more factors that contribute to its growth. The Byke Hotels & Resorts stands tall as one of the pillars of the hotel industry holding up the standards and proving, time and again that the sky is the limit. To book a safe and luxurious stay at The Byke Hotels, click here

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