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Matheran – “Forest on Forehead“, the only automobile-free hill station has a lot to offer. Being amongst the smallest hill stations in India, Matheran  is one of the popular weekend getaways in Maharashtra for the urban residents. From having perfect trek points to best weekend days, this hill station has a lot stored for all.

 Scroll down to find out the fun things to do in Matheran:

Enjoy the Vegetarian Lunch Thaali at The Byke Heritage. Get a taste of India in Matheran. Thaali, enriched with fresh ingredients and natural flavor is definitely a crowd favorite.

Trek to One Tree Hill Point

 As the name suggests, the hill with only one tree is a very scenic location to visit. With a mesmerizing view of the dam on one side and the mountains on the other this hill has a jubilant aura all around. It does get a little difficult to trek but once you reach the point you’ll know it was worth the energy. As the nature unfolds the hidden treasure, one can capture fascinating views of the sunrise and sunset.

Taste the flavor of Love

Listed in UNESCO’s Heritage in 2005, the Matheran toy train attracts a lot of tourists. Covering the stations between Neral and Matheran (21km), it offers a deep valley view and makes you fall in love with the serenity of the area. It is suggested to book your seats online to avoid standing in the que. However, it is always better to check the train timings and availability so that you can be sure of a safe journey devoid of any deception.

Watch a Race at the Olympia Race Course

Located in the middle of the thick jungle in Matheran this race course is a home to all horses. Races are held in May, where the local horses participate and compete against each other. The loud cheering of the people, sound of the hooves and the musty smell of the earthy ground is surely an experience to cherish. Horses, an almost synonym to Matheran, are one of the modes of transport in this eco-friendly hill station. Matheran is all about forest, trees, red sand, monkeys, horses and horse rides.

Experience Pool Side Buffet at The Byke Hotels and Resorts

 Having your meal poolside, right under the starry sky is so enchanting and dreamy. The Byke Heritage has set a pool side buffet for all their guests allowing them to admire the nature and experience the undiscovered bliss. Enjoy the jugglers show, games, live music performances and the magic show with the lavish buffet. Discover a perfect setting for spending some quality time with your loved ones at ‘The Byke Heritage’. To be on the safer side, it is advised to check the availability of the poolside buffet beforehand.

Take a Ride in The Toy Train

Take a Lakeside walk at the Charlotte Lake

A rejuvenating stroll through the dense forest and the lush greenery is all one wishes for on a lazy day. Soaking in the serenity of the lake as it curves gently through the forest is quite peaceful. The damp earth combined with old fallen leaves and birds’ singing an enchanting tune is a heart melting experience altogether.

Matheran unfolds the true nature bliss as it showcases its unique destinations and overwhelming views in inexpressible ways. The hill station has hotels and resorts for both budget as well as luxury travelers. If you are planning to stay at a luxury resort in Matheran, then The Byke Heritage <link to site: https://www.thebyke.com/the-byke-heritage-matheran/ > and The Byke Brightland Resort <link to site: https://www.thebyke.com/the-byke-brightland-matheran/ >  are the perfect options for you.

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