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Entering the hospitality field in 2007 with only one hotel in Matheran to extending the family to a pure vegetarian chain comprising 17 hotels in 2020 and promising to add 10 more hotels by 2021, The Byke has seen both stumbling block and improvement. With a vision of having 27 properties under The Byke brand by FY21, the key to our success is the luxury services offered at affordable prices to the niche population. What helps ‘The Byke’ stand apart from the multitude is the fact that it is a “Pure Vegetarian Chain”.  It prides itself in serving exclusive vegetarian multi-cuisine dishes enriched with fresh ingredients and an array of traditional, natural flavors

Embarking the journey with only one hotel in Matheran in 2007 to expanding to Goa in 2010, Manali in 2012, Jaipur and Thane in 2015, The Byke worked day and night making its family stronger and larger. Udaipur and Shimla joined the league in 2017. The Byke grew gradually, steadily and strongly making its way through all milestones. It now stands as one of India’s leading hotel chains with a diverse portfolio of properties, both operational and under development across various destinations in India.

The Byke employs a team of highly skilled staff, who display efficiency and competence, while extending warmth to all guests.  Our chefs delight in using the finest of ingredients to excite the palette of all our patrons. Why restrict to the same old vegetarian preparations when we have so much to explore? Love Care and Concern being the center elements of our food preparations, our chefs take utmost care of all your expected and unexpected wishes.  

The Byke, a crowd favorite, began as a pure vegetarian chain in 2007. Considering the fact that 30-40% of Indians are vegetarian, the main aim of the company was to enfold these people, and meet their needs.

The fact that the utensils and cooking locations are not in touch with animal meat attracted a lot of people.

From wooing travelers with the pure vegetarian tag to attracting partners for the same, The Byke presents to all, vegetarian delicacies from around the world. No frill, no fancy touches yet it is an ideal place for family get-togethers or meetings as it offers various options to choose from. We help you experience the traditional food all over India, under one roof at different locations without having to travel for hours.


1300 Keys | 17 Hotels | 14 Destinations

Shimla | Manali | Jaipur | Udaipur | Thane | Matheran |

Goa| Junagadh | Bangalore | Kochi | Kovalam | Shirdi | Ooty | Bodhgaya

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