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One of the easiest and best ways to help someone unknowingly is through blood donation. Blood donors or as we can say live savers are the ones who make a difference to those who are in need of it. The true importance of donating blood is well understood by those who have faced crisis. When unforeseen accidents take place, a baby is born and sometimes even during cancer treatments, the amount of blood lost and required is high. Thanks to the kind-hearted donors who help in saving millions of lives by just donating blood.

This Blood Donation Day, 14th June 2019, The Byke Hotels and Resorts took a step forward in helping those who are in need. The Byke held a blood donation camp at their Hotels and Resorts across India. Informing the guests of the possible advantages of blood donation and encouraging them to take active part in the blood donation campaign, ‘The Byke’ tried to make a difference.

The team encouraged people to give the gift of life by spreading awareness about how one person’s donating blood can help save up to 3 lives. From the staff members to the guests, everyone participated and extended their hand to make a change. The Byke team successfully collected 120 bottles of blood in total to donate which in-turn would save up to 360 lives! The Company is not only doing its best but is also encouraging people to join and create a happy, safe life for all.

‘The Byke’ commits to continue organizing such camps & give the gift of life. How will you support?  


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